• nico carpentier
  • Mathias Jud
  • Nicos Trimikliniotis
  • Vuk Ćosić
  • Community media, Community art production and Democratic knowledge
  • Helen Hahmann
  • Christoph Wachter

Venue for all seminars: NeMe Arts Centre, Corner of Ellados & Enoseos streets, 3041 Limassol, Cyprus.

13.01.2018, 18:30 -21:00
Participation, Active Citizenship and Community Media
Bart Cammaerts (BE) - Power and Pre-Figurative Politics within the Progressive Left
Nico Carpentier (BE/SE) - The Discursive-Material Knot, Participation and Community Media Theory
Vaia Doudaki (GR/SE) - Street Papers as Spaces of Participation and Inclusion
Hazal Yolga (CY) - Speaking the Unspoken: Challenging Hegemonic Discourses
Moderator: Yiannis Christidis (CY)
This seminar aims to discuss the needs, opportunities and challenges for increased levels of participation in all societal fields, and its implications and requirements for active citizenship and civil society. One particular field, the field of communication, will be gently highlighted during the seminar, without decontextualising communication and disconnecting it from the many other social fields and their specificities.
24.11.2017, 18.30-21.00
Community media, Community art production and Democratic knowledge
Vuk Ćosić (SI) - From Nettime via Syndicate to 7-11
Pascal Gielen (BE) - Community Art, A Neoliberal Solution for the Deconstruction of the Welfare State?
Helen Hahmann (DE) - Highjacking Radio Art. Artistic practice in Community Radio
Nicos Trimikliniotis (CY) - Beyond austerity citizenship and nationalistic communalism in Cypriot 'community media': social media, digitalities and emancipation – towards a mobile commons
Moderator: Nico Carpentier (BE/SE)
The artistic-democratic capacities of communities and their organisations are often underestimated and neglected, pushed aside by traditional top-down structures, and leadership, expertise and professional models. This seminar aims to critically explore the artistic-democratic capacities of communities and their organisations, identify problems, obstacles and restrictions, and look ahead at the conditions of possibility for the continued democratisation of the social and its many fields.
04.11.2017, 19:30-20:30
an archeology of silence in the digital age
Christoph Wachter (CH/DE) and Mathias Jud (CH/DE).
Moderator: Nico Carpentier (BE/SE)
Artists' talk focusing on the work of the artists and their research in/on Cyprus.