Gezi Park Edition

Open Community - Open Networks

The first R! exhibition featured the work of Wachter and Jud, and ran from 4 November until 2 December 2017. The exhibition investigated how the digital communications society is also based on a world-view flourishing on exclusion and non-integration. The idea of a borderless and free exchange, which creates itself and even creates its own structures, has remained only an idea of art. Specific individual world views are lost at large in a communicative common world domain.

Participation Matters Overview

Participation Matters

The second main R! exhibition at the NeMe Arts Centre displays 14 art projects of the Respublika! project, selected through two open calls. The exhibition combines art projects that reflect on democracy and participation, and art projects that are forms of participatory art. “Participation Matters” opened on 8 December 2017 and run until 19 January 2018.

life moving


Life:Moving revolves around six films made by people affected by terminal illness as part of a collaborative participatory and research-based arts project. Over six months, through workshops and home visits, participants from John Taylor Hospice in Birmingham were given practical and critical training and support to develop and co-create their films. Working closely with filmmaker, Briony Campbell, and academic, Michele Aaron, different ideas, priorities and devices were explored and six films generated. The films are screened at the NeMe Arts Centre, but are also featured in a separate exhibition at the Materia Care and Rehabilitation Unit in Latsia, Nicosia.